Happy New Year. Joy will be the keeper of our night, and the clock a warden for the halls of a better year. Do live.
Old Horse, I would never even attempt to sketch a winner over this one. The piece reflects some of my hamlets, crashes like waves upon some of my life's cornerstones and hampers. I share. It's amazing, but indeed it's never enough said, it will appear as if the same wee hours have cradled our common growth. CDR's here cost 4€-10, and work is a means, and family held aloft and no, people are not introspective and socially enhanced and yet how hearts crave dawn with longing for voice and lust for rain. This is a good day to write. This is a good place for children, and from puddles of fresh mud sprout flowers that hold the pillars of homes, and strangers are welcome. Breathe easy: there is no distance and no time, all is like was and the moment is here, there is no dead infinity at the gates of calculus. Here I am, writing to all of you, and whadda ya know, I will shout it til my box gapes wide: there are no coincidences, only signs and our memory of a time before time. Never fear, never ever fear.


Feliz mais um. We'll see another one. Estou a sentir-me bem, apesar de. Hopelandish.


Estive aqui: http://www.westhaven.uklinux.net/vmidnight/. Não digo mais nada!!!