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Milenne, Selene, Abilene. Light, Night, Sight. Two, One, Three.
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I saw a dog, wanted to pet the dog, felt the stones, the steps, homeward bound, heartfelt wood, saplings, boughs and branches, tripped the movie, drank the dram.

Okay, cybercafé countdown tango. Scent of a keyboard. Old Al.

Halfway done.



Ten euro on the fact that he was offside ;)

Oh yeah! Famous last views from a bus!

And along came...

Okay, at this stage, just ourselves, the missing travel agent, an apparent 40 degrees at midnight, 10 spent bottles of water, 14 hours in transit and the mad cabbie.

Now then.

Here, it was still our tightly packed twoness, the bus square with its hawking honking horns and yummy turkish slices o'cake, and streets. Pratt-Maltese streets. Deep Valetta. No rules, great driving, good shoes.

Anya. I hope you find everything you hope for during your 3 weeks in Valetta, and even more when you're back to Odessa. Say, don't you think this is a bit weird even for a supposedly architectonic masterpiece-wise flash rebound? Mdina, the silent city.

The Aussie lady with five kids on the bus back from Bugibba. The pic was taken outside Rabat where a 4-yo taught us, in english, how to hike past the city walls. That's why I thought of you. Fly safe back to Sydney.

And then came Wonneke and Dick. Sorry, man, if I got it wrong - my dutch apprehension ain't what it used to be ;) Here's to the countless foes who surely have fallen by the Victoria citadel gates and its "blessed" cannons - I guess fanaticism isn't picky about race or creed... I'm mailing you smt as I write this, thanks guys! Looking forward to extended conversations :)

The temples, at Hagar Qim, Ggantija and on the way to Marsaxlokk. Where we met two german girls whose address has only a name, and an also german couple (hey man! the Tornado won't go out of service yet!) all of whom we expect to see again soon!

Then the uncountable hordes (yeah, you half-Irish plastering-dude and the sangria lady with bolognese skills and also the eight-fold maturity brigade downing John Bulls) of the quarter-of-an-hour chats.

And airport staff (no, no MLA, sorry 'bout that one...) and Cpt Duque and...

Man, am I tired.

I won't comment on any subjective, objective, or expletive aspect of the whole trip. BE Maltese, then be NOT Maltese again. Then apply that rule to all your ventures and escapades - or even "work" jumps.

Things are there to help you cope with passing years, still.



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Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 9:55 pm

If a single "victor" would have to come out, I would much rather live under the premises of a hebrew, "westernalized" or even corporate country, than bowing to mass obscurantists who send kids to madrasahs and kick women for showing an ankle.

Don't tell me about minorities, *we* are the minority as we can perceive by whomever has been elected in *our* and *their* countries alike. The fanatics, here and there, rule.

Thing is, I'm not gonna blow Hasan's house if he draws a cartoon of George Bush having it up his ass. Hasan just might for Muhammad.


Father's Eyes staring in the Blackness of the Morning
Mother cries echoing the Shadows of the Sunrise...
There you stood arms cloaked in Darkness where the Shades have gone
Wave goodbye to all that you know and all you'll ever be
Where will I run, the Faces are so cold
How will I Rule with Arms against the Sky
Where will I go when all has been disowned
Lord of this World, leave my Soul alone
Troy is Burning, say Farewell (HAIL)
Light the Fire of a Thousand Days (WAR)
Pain and Slaughter, even Gods can lie
WHEN THE LEGENDS DIE... cry like Rain...
Steal the Wind, gather all the Evening's Suns so blind
Where's your Soul forged in the Mist of Dawn in time will rise
To Damn the Gods this is no Illusion there are Ways to bear, my share
To Kill them all, Blacker than a Thousand Vows when Water Rises
How will I run, the Faces are so cold
How can I stand Eyes against the Night
Where will I go when all is said and done
I leave it behind, Graces of the World
Kill the Father, Kill the Son (HAIL)
Kill each other work is done (WAR)
Pain is nothing, even Gods can Lie
Oh, I will not Rise again you know
Oh, I will be Torn on Bloody Ground!
How will I run, the Faces are so cold
How will I race Clouds against the Sky
I am Burning say Farewell (HAIL)
Light the Fire of a Thousand Lives (WAR)
Pain and Slaughter, even Gods will Lie


The Muspilli is one of but two surviving pieces of Old High German epic poetry (the other being the Hildebrandslied), dating to ca. 870.

One large fragment of the text has survived in the margins and empty pages of a codex marked as the possession of Louis the German and now in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (cim. 14098). The beginning and end of the poem have not come down on us. It was re-discovered in 1817 and first published in 1832 by Johann Andreas Schmeller, who also titled it Muspilli, after a central word in the text.

The etymology and meaning of the term Muspilli (a hapax legomenon) is uncertain, but it is surmised to describe some sort of cataclysmic end of the world in fire (ekpyrosis). The poem is an example of early Germanic Christianity, combining pagan elements with the Biblical or Christian concepts, featuring Elijah, the Antichrist and the Last Judgement.

Grau (1908) connects all of the material in the poem except for two verses to the 4th century theologian Ephraim the Syrian.

The focus of the text is first on the fate of the soul after death. The hosts of heaven and hell do battle over the deceased individual's soul and the winning party will carry it off as booty (v. 1-37). Attention then shifts to another battle, the battle between Elijah and the Antichrist, which the text says will precede the Last Judgement. The two combatants are fighting as championsGod and the Devil, respectively. The Antichrist will fall but Elijah will be wounded and his blood dripping on the Earth will set the world on fire – announcing the muspilli (v. 38-56). The rest of the poem is concerned with the Resurrection and Judgment Day itself (v.57-103). for

Verses 44-54:

der antichristo stet pi demo altfiant,
stet pi demo Satanase, der inan uarsenkan scal:
pidiu scal er in deru uuicsteti uunt piuallan
enti in demo sinde sigalos uuerdan.
doh uuanit des uilo ... gotmanno,
daz Elias in demo uuige aruuartit uuerde.
so daz Eliases pluot in erda kitriufit,
so inprinnant die perga, poum ni kistentit
enihc in erdu, aha artruknent,
muor varsuuilhit sih, suilizot lougiu der himil,
mano uallit, prinnit mittilagart,

"The Antichrist stands with the old fiend,

With the Satan, whom he will ruin:
On the battlefield, he falls wounded
And in battle without victory
But many men of God ween
That Elijah will be wounded in that battle,
When the blood of Elijah drips onto the soil
The mountains will burn, no tree will stand,
Not any on earth, water dries up,
Sea is swallowed, flaming burn the heavens,
Moon falls, Midgard burns"


Lord of Morning says:
tinha um colega na primaria com esse nome. idilio de jesus. nao era ilidio, recordo-me bem.
Lord of Morning says:
o irmao, o paulo vicente, era o melhor guarda-redes
Lord of Morning says:
nao porque fosse agil ou forte.
Lord of Morning says:
mas porque nem que tivesse que esfolar os olhos, ia a todas.
Lord of Morning says:
queriamos sempre o paulo vicente.
Lord of Morning says:
era giro que eles e os mota ricardo estivessem a ler isto agora. e o aroeira e o pedro matos da silva.


And now for something completely different, consegui pela primeira vez ser escorraçado, como Irmin dos Queruscos após ter passado os Romanos a ferro, e sabe-me bem!

Que me perdoem o pontual downgrade ao conteúdo desta pacata cabana, mas...



The Noose

So glad to see you have overcome them.
Completely silent now
With heaven's help
You cast your demons out
And not to pull your halo down
Around your neck and tug you off your cloud
But I'm more than just a little curious
How you're planning to go about
Making your amends to the dead
To the dead

Recall the deeds as if
They're all someone else's
Atrocious stories
Now you stand reborn before us all
So glad to see you well

And not to pull your halo down
Around your neck and tug you to the ground
But I'm more than just a little curious
How you're planning to go about
Making your amends to the dead
To the dead

With your halo slipping down
Your halo slipping
Your halo slipping down
Your halo slipping down
Your halo slipping down [repeated]

Your halo slipping down to choke you now

- Keenan / APC

(porque exististe e o círculo é outro eu)