[22:50] [merlin^away] crazed potato
[22:50] [Sade] you're alive
[22:50] [merlin^away] ah yes
[22:50] [merlin^away] you alright?
[22:51] [Sade] yeah, why wouldnt I be?
[22:51] [merlin^away] who knows?
[22:51] [merlin^away] cool
[22:51] [merlin^away] take care
[22:52] [Sade] you too
[22:52] [merlin^away] \=^)
[22:52] [Sade] everything ok there?
[22:53] [merlin^away] sort of
[22:53] [Sade] so, spit it out
[22:53] [merlin^away] ever heard of a band called thorn eleven?
[22:54] [Sade] think so, yesh
[22:54] [merlin^away] buy them.
[22:54] [merlin^away] awesome stuff.
[22:54] [Sade] ok
[22:54] [merlin^away] i'll just drink some red wine, and pass out in the sofa. watching some movie. i erased my copy of they live by accident.
[22:55] [Sade] red wine sounds good
[22:55] [Sade] passing out not that much
[22:55] [merlin^away] from a cheap carton as i am broke this month
[22:56] [merlin^away] passing out from sleep
[22:56] [merlin^away] not drink
[22:56] [merlin^away] i dont do that.
[22:56] [Sade] ok, then red wine doesnt sound good either
[22:56] [merlin^away] this one does
[22:56] [merlin^away] spanish
[22:56] [merlin^away] used for cooking
[22:56] [Sade] which one?
[22:56] [merlin^away] incredibly cheap
[22:56] [merlin^away] viña tramonto
[22:56] [Sade] that I dont know
[22:56] [merlin^away] well, yeah.
[22:56] [merlin^away] 50 cents
[22:56] [Sade] really cheap indeed
[22:57] [merlin^away] i need to get out of here for a week. maybe in october
[22:57] [merlin^away] maybe prague
[22:57] [merlin^away] maybe glasgow
[22:57] [merlin^away] i need to clean that woman out of my head.
[22:57] [Sade] yesh, you need
[22:57] [Sade] edimbourgh rocks, btw
[22:58] [Sade] havent been in glasgow long enough as to know
[22:58] [merlin^away] i need in fact
[22:58] [merlin^away] would you consider yourself sane after you told a man "yeah i want you but only in november, now i have to rest and too much on my hands"?
[22:59] [Sade] no, i wouldnt consider myself sane
[22:59] [merlin^away] would you still say it?
[22:59] [Sade] no, I wouldnt say anything like that
[23:00] [Sade] cause basically i have enough trouble telling my feelings apart in the moment as to decide what will I feel in 3 months
[23:00] [merlin^away] but can you figure any possible reason clearing someone from immediate commitment to an institution after saying such a thing?
[23:01] [merlin^away] not even if you were intelligent, green-eyed, tall, great body, active, smart, independent, and all that?
[23:02] [Sade] er... no?
[23:02] [Sade] I mean, comon, I dont want you until NOVEMBER!
[23:02] [merlin^away] right. thats a start. now why would anyone say it?
[23:03] [Sade] i can say I am tired, i need space, i dont know what I actually want and that's not fair for anyone, but putting stuff exactly three months away? wtf
[23:03] [merlin^away] so you see
[23:03] [merlin^away] prague or glasgow? :)
[23:04] [Sade] mmm glasgow, but i have an affair with scotland
[23:05] [merlin^away] you mean "in"?
[23:05] [Sade] no
[23:05] [Sade] i mean with
[23:05] [Sade] I love scotland
[23:05] [Sade] my affairs are mainly in europe main-land
[23:06] [merlin^away] whats rockin now?
[23:06] [Sade] mmm
[23:06] [Sade] a possible bf
[23:06] [merlin^away] possible
[23:06] [merlin^away] november?
[23:06] [Sade] no, next weekend

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