How Gudrun cast herself into the Sea, but was brought ashore again.
Gudrun had a daughter by Sigurd hight Swanhild; she was the fairest of
all women, eager-eyed as her father, so that few durst look under the
brows of her; and as far did she excel other woman-kind as the sun excels the
other lights of heaven.

But on a day went Gudrun down to the sea, and caught up stones in her
arms, and went out into the sea, for she had will to end her life. But
mighty billows drave her forth along the sea, and by means of their upholding
was she borne along till she came at the last to the burg of King
Jonakr, a mighty king, and lord of many folk. And he took Gudrun to wife, and
their children were Hamdir, and Sorli, and Erp; and there was Swanhild
nourished withal.

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