Some common Gaelic prepositions are:

    aig -- "at" air -- "on"
    le -- "with" à -- "from"

Nouns which follow these prepositions and which have no definite article are unchanged by them:

    port -- a port, a harbour -->
    aig port -- at a port

    beinn -- a mountain -->
    air beinn -- on a mountain

    peann -- a pen -->
    le peann -- with a pen

    muileann -- a mill -->
    à muileann -- from a mill

Another common preposition is "do", which means "to". When followed by a noun with no definite article, it aspirates it. Before a noun beginning with a vowel, it adds "dh'":

    Glaschu -- Glasgow -->
    do Glaschu -- to Glasgow

    taigh -- house -->
    do thaigh -- to a house

    Inbhir Nis -- Inverness -->
    do dh'Inbhir Nis -- to Inverness

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