Kalan Gaeaf

This is a time recorded on no candle or water-clock. This is the time of Kalan Gaeaf or Samhain as it is known to some. On this day the veil between our world and the next grows thin and the souls of the dead may cross back over the Bridge and enter our world.

In the field Arawn, Lord of Annwn, ventures out and the blackberries and haws wither under His breath. In Cymrija, the floors are swept clean and fire kindled in the chance that one of the fae, the Tylwydd Têg should happen by. For this is the night the Dark Court ascends and one is well advised not invite the malicious plots of the Unseelie.

On this night the Lord of the Realm is beholden to offer shelter and good faith to all that call upon him that eve. For on Nos Kalan Gaeaf, the Wyld Hunt rides abroad. The terrible creatures of this other worldly game ensare all who get in its way. It is said you run with the hunt or become the hunted.

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