[Rawena] freedom
[Ringthane] people who care nothing about what they do to you or me, as long as they pay their bills and have their small little pleasures
[Ringthane] they mistake the notion of freedom: for me freedom is doing what you SHOULD, not what you WANT
[Rawena] why?
[Ringthane] why which part?
[Ringthane] my turn to write senseless stuff :)
[Rawena] why fredom is for you doing what you should
[Ringthane] ah
[Rawena] how you see it?
[Rawena] i know that fredom - hard to exist
[Ringthane] well, if i do what i want, without thinking of the world outside myself, then i'm not really free, am i? i would be just living inside a prison of my own, never growing, never gaining wings, never helping create the world. that's hardly free...

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