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Tipper Gore

Back in 1985 the P.M.R.C. (Parental Music Resource Center) was formed by a group of Washington wives led by Senator Al Gore's wife Tipper Gore, because she had overheard her daughter listening to the track Darling Nikki, from Prince's album Purple Rain. Outraged over the content of the lyrics, Tipper Gore formed the P.M.R.C. with a group of other Washington wives. This group came before a national Senate hearing demanding that the record industry monitor and using an outside source rating system, label each album for content such as Sex, the Occult, and Drug references. Three artists, Frank Zappa, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, and John Denver testified on behalf of the artists stating that 1st amendment rights would be violated with this form of censorship. John Denver's song, Rocky Mountain High, was actually banned because it was determined by a third party that it made reference to drugs by using the word high in the lyrics. In honor of VH-1's new movie, Warning:Parental Advisory, below is the famous, Filthy Fifteen! These songs were on top of the P.M.R.C's hit list. Beside the track listing is the reason the song made the list. Though you may not always agree with the lyrics some artists write, you should always help protect everybody's 1st amendment rights, or somebody like the P.M.R.C. may end up telling you what you can & can't listen to.

PMRC, muhahhaha!!!

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