Cromos continuados, a saga eterna

Elizabeth Clare Profit (Oops! Typo. But I think it's so appropriate...) is not your friendly guide to angels and other happy, fluffy, loving creatures. Elizabeth Clare Prophet is actually the leader of a very dangerous Doomsday Cult based in Montana. Her cult has stockpiled massive amounts of ammunition and heavy-caliber weapons in underground bunkers. Sound familiar? Doesn't she sound sort of waco?

What I find equally disturbing about Prophet is the way she recruits members. If you had never heard of her, were the gullible type, and saw this ad, would you imagine what she's really up to there in Montana? Probably not.

Look at the ad and judge for yourself. It just reeks of positive, happy New Ageness. The only ingredient the ad is missing is the silhouette of a dolphin, a common visual in New Age ads. How 'bout some truth in advertising, Liz? Why don't you tell folks about the heavy weaponry and underground bunkers?

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