Ringthane wrote:
Learning and inner growth should be promoted as an end in themselves, not to get a job.

Oliver wrote:
I agree, but 'fine words butter no parsnips'. I just believe that most people couldn't care less about inner growth, but rather worry where to get money from to buy stuff. Learning is only seen as a goal by those who are financially secure.
Or, with Brecht: Erst kommt das Fressen, und dann die Moral (first the food, then the morals). I'm not claiming that there are no exceptions, but to me this seems to be the general attitude.

Ringthane wrote:
That's exactly why I think we need to:

- eradicate money
- eradicate nationhood
- establish acracy preferrably overnight
- punish the ones who would establish the "dark path" again, e.g. technocrats, powermongers, criminals, ignorants (not nescient people); it's their right to be thus, as it is our right to exclude them of any communal improvements
- transcend the Santa Claus complex and other urban myths, like believing that there is enough humane quality to the species as a whole, that would enable any voter or trustee to mandate, rightfully and rationally, the exercise of power.

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