>Hmm. You're either a spy or a chemical engineer. Why is it that you Dutch people
>always seem to spend zero time working and the rest of it having fun?

and he said

"Interesting guesses but did it not occur to you that I could be working part-time, earn my money on the net perhaps, own a multinational, be a millionaire, have a rich family, am a total looser, are structurally unemployed, am my own boss, make my chief think I am doing loads of work while surfing the WWW, am an AI artefact running from a cluster of opterons (courtesy of Xiao Feng), have close ties to God and omnipotence, have cybernetic implants as to be able to play / monitor the forums all the time while mumbling "I'll be back!" to the wind, run a helpdesk, could be doing accountancy work at a mobile phonecompany or do boring administrative work for an insurance company. Man, the options are legion. That's what Putin said to me only yesterday; he said: "Marcovic, don't worry, they'll never find out you're KGB and if, if, if, if they do have their doubts about what you're doing for a living, they'll never believe it's us nor Mrs Moneypenny, but will suspect those kosher wimps of the CIA having you on their payroll with a licence to play"

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