My Greek narrows to gamisou, malaka, skathakoufala, pousth, nai, oxi, mwraki mou, filakia, polla gamwta, ti kaneis and all that... and reading LIDL juice cartons, and old stories... :pb_ringy: most languages I make out from intuition, and Latin is no exception, although of course it helps a lot having Portuguese as mother tongue :)

On the other hand, today I guessed, as a friend was asking me why his DVD wouldn't let his tv set display any other channel, that it must be smt with Ppin 8 of the scart plug. Now, I never saw any scart connector diagram before, I do know how to assemble and disassemble but I never on earth memorized what each individual pin does... or maybe my eyes once saw it and set it back in my forgotten halls?

It occurs often enough that I guess and read the unreadable.

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