Joao Sem-Terra

* Joao Sem-Terra 1987 (r) (ESC 5-600)
o Grapes: baga, tinta pinheira.
The color is in the dark concentrated end. I was sitting under a fan at the Feira Popular in Lisbon so the sent was very hard to define - still I think it must have been weak. Taste of dark berries, earth and oak. Strong tanis and a spicy good body. I think it was Madeing (is that the English word?) just a little in the finish. A very good wine. A little brutal. Eventhough it had strong tanis it seemd to have just begun declining. That might
explain the very favorable price (we paid ESC 1300 in the restaurant) (84/100).
24-08-96 Marc de Oliveira

A LITTLE BRUTAL! ihihih :)

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