And the dream comes to life.
And as it turns I revel and gloom departs, and there is none
who can know for sure the precise extent of my joy, not the wise,
nor the bold, most certainly not the dull, and not these pale
who roam about their lifelong deaths.

And the dream has come to stay.
In time I might wilt, you won't say "I pity", for nature = complete,
and wilting, like blooming, = part of all nature.
But dreams pervade time and none can know for sure if they start or how they end,
save the clouds and the stones and the leaves and perhaps raving madmen.

So the dream has landed.
And the signs were there, and the signs are here and my God how fiercely deep
its roots have hunted for my heart, a dream has been true since the dawn of salt water
and it shines on my soul
like the morning Sun.

é que afinal não posso lá ir hoje, porque se aplica a regra do faz o que eu digo não faças o que eu faço.

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