LISBON, Portugal (AP) - Portugal coach Luiz Felipe Scolari bought land and a house in Indonesia on behalf of the team for a seven-year-old tsunami survivor found wearing a Portugal soccer sweater, SIC TV network reported on Sunday.

Martunis survived alone for 19 days before he was found on a Banda Aceh beach. He survived by drinking puddle water and eating dried noodles after his parents were swept by the tsunami, and at a hospital he was reunited with his father and grandfather.

Touched by the story, Scolari spent Sunday at SIC TV network trying to help the family.

"After I saw those images I knew we had to take an immediate stand," Scolari told the network. "He is an example for us all. I would like to bring him over to watch a Portugal game so we could show him how touched and happy we are that someone can live for 19 days like he did, wearing our sweater, our symbol."

The money was channeled through the president of the Portuguese soccer federation, Gilberto Madail, SIC reported.

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